isofy is now a proud sponsor of Coworking Convos, in partnership with Cat Johnson

“The Future of Coworking Starts with Conversations”

December 5th, 2022

We take our core values seriously. Things like being relational, honest, kind, and humble, just to name a few. These values aren’t typically associated with technology companies. But they’re a big reason as to why we’re different.


When we learned that Cat Johnson and her event series, Coworking Convos, also shared this set of ideals, we knew we had to get involved. 


Cat is a coworking evangelist, content strategist, and creator at the forefront of the coworking movement. She’s a consultant to coworking space owners and operators, delivering practical brand advice and content strategy across her ecosystem – from blogs to podcasts, and everything in between. Her monthly event series Coworking Convos are must-attend events for the global coworking community.


At isofy, we know first-hand the operational and technical challenges that workspace operators face. This is also what makes us different; we’re a simple network management platform designed and led by a team that have been in your shoes before.


We know what it feels like to stand next to a member while it takes forever for them to connect to Wi-Fi. 


We know the pit in your stomach when you’re hosting a large event and you hear the dreaded “why is the internet so slow?” remark ripple across the audience.


We also know the frustration of other, more complex, network management solutions. You spend more time learning how to use their system than actually running your workspace.


Sure, along the way there will be mutual promotions and marketing efforts, but more importantly, we’re eager to share our experience, our product, and humbly support the Convos community as we go farther together.

"You know how Wi-Fi and network problems are the bane of your (and your members’) existence? Well the team at isofy has that problem solved for you."