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Simplified Networks for Flexible Workspaces

Network management and security is complex. Isofy can simplify your network and offer the support you deserve.

Our platform at a glance

Isolate your networks

Connect to Wi-Fi or choose any wall-jack to automatically place members on their own secure network and easily authenticate devices anywhere in your space.

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Illustration of man carrying servers to add revenue for his coworking space

Add revenue

Increase your sales by offering your members higher internet speeds, isolated networks, hardware integration and more.

Get professional support

Talk with our professional support team that’s ready to solve your network needs. Connect your clients with our consulting team and we’ll accommodate special network requirements to help you close that sale.

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Secure, Isolated Networks

Isolate members and businesses on their own secure networks.

Simple Access

Connect to a single Wi-Fi SSID or a wall-jack anywhere in your space;  no need for configuration.

Flexible Workspace Architecture

Rest easy knowing we built our solution to solve the unique challenges of flexible workspaces.

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Easy-to-use Dashboard

Your members use our simple, self-service dashboard to register and manage their own devices.

Powerful Staff Dashboard

Set internet speeds, monitor usage, and deny access for members/devices.

Shared Logins Across Locations

Allow your members to roam between all of your locations using the same credentials.
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Nexudus Connect

Allow your members and staff to manage and access the network through Nexudus via our unique partnership and integration.

Hardware Selection

Choose our stress-tested equipment or provide your own compatible hardware. 

Member-provided Firewalls

Support member-provided firewalls and accommodate special network requirements with our solution.
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Professional Support

Talk with our first-class support team that’s ready to answer and advise you on your network needs.

On-going Consulting

Connect your clients with our consulting team and we’ll accommodate special network requirements to help you close that sale.

Troubleshooting Tools

Quickly identify issues specific to members’ devices and reduce finger pointing with our easy-to-use troubleshooting tools.

Why choose Isofy?

Networking is our passion and helping our customers is our joy. We exist to serve our customers and have developed cutting edge software to help make that possible. Let us do what we love, so you can focus on what you love!


We manage your network, design and install all the equipment, and provide our software for a turnkey solution. Pay for every monthly active user.

$250 base + $5/user
price caps at $1500